August 3, 2009

9/16/08 Cookies and missiles...

We have now gone through our second "real" hurricane scare in Corpus Christi. From this second scare I have picked up a few more tidbits of wisdom to store for future events. The main lesson? When Hubby retires and we can choose to live wherever we want to, it will not be close to the beach. I also learned that the military lifestyle has me completely prepared for whatever oddly-named hurricane heads our way.

Having dealt with the military for the past 15 months, none of the hurricane hype really phased me. The uncertainty of if and when we'll be evacuating? Just like waiting for orders. Packing up only our very special belongings to keep from flood damage? Just like protecting these same things from shady movers. Going from an almost-evacuation to getting to stay home in the span of 24 hours? Just like finding out we don't have to go to Oklahoma for flight school. Waiting around for the base to decide if we have to leave? Just like...well, that's pretty obvious!

From the first announcement that Ike might hit us in Corpus Christi, our week became a whirlwind of uncertainty and preparing for the worst. Well, I guess Hubby's week became a whirlwind of uncertainty and preparing for the worst. I apparently have some kind of complex about not taking the threat of natural disaster seriously.

Here is an overview of our week:

Day 1

1700: Began receiving phone calls and e-mails announcing squadron hurricane preparedness brief. Made up a number of excuses of why I couldn't (didn't want to) go.

1730: Finally gave in and said I would attend brief.

1900: Hurricane brief at squadron hangar. Learned a lot, ate delicious cookies, still didn't buy into hurricane thing.

Day 2

0900: Headed to volunteer job. Hubby left at home to hurricane-proof house, pack, make out-of-town hotel reservation.

1100: Sent by "job" to base hurricane brief. Disappointed by lack of cookies at brief.

1130: Learned that hurricane might actually be a threat and base most likely to evacuate the following morning.

1200: Base housing advised to put away potential missiles (grills, patio furniture, etc.) from yards.

Day 3

0900: No missiles launched, beautiful morning, donned sunglasses, headed to volunteer job.

1100: Got word that base was not evacuating.

Day 4

1200: Base moved to "no hurricane threat" status.

1800: Unpacked suitcases, removed items from top of bed, went for an evening drive with hubby.

2000: Baked cookies.

Day 5

0900: Drove around town trying to find a place amid boarded-up city for a breakfast date with hubby.

0930: Found Half-Price Books open. Had our date there.

1200: Replaced potential missiles in the backyard.

1300: Was safely able to say, "Told ya so!"

Even through the chaos of the geographically non-existent hurricane left us in a state of limbo for several days, it's just another adventure that we can add to our ever-expanding storybook of life.


  1. Hey - we’re going that same sort of thing, complete with strangely named water-wind storm (Typhoon Sinlaku). I think it’s over for now, but I was hoping to be rudely awakened and learn to take natural disasters seriously. Alas, not to be. We did all the stuff, but nothing happened. Oh well, I bought some junk food too - in case we got bored with canned food, you know? I’m sure it’ll find it’s own use:)

  2. Sabrina already said it, but yeah we did the same thing. It was kind of a let down, but I guess it is better to not have to go throught a natural disaster, huh?!


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