August 3, 2009

5/23/08 Between 6 weeks and 2 years...

When we were gearing up for our move from Virginia to Florida, everyone kept asking us how long we would be there. They felt very sad for us having to leave our first home after only 9 months (supposed to be 6 months). We always laughed when we answered them, "Anywhere between 6 weeks and 2 years!"

My hubby got his orders last week to send us to Corpus Christi...our 3rd PCS in less than a year! When we first arrived in Pensacola, MATSG asked Hubby what our preference was for Primary. We originally said that we wanted to stay in Milton for some sense of permanence, but after hearing that there was a good chance we would be shipped off to Texas or Oklahoma, we immediately decided that we would do whatever we could to not end up in Vance! After a lot of prayer and discussion, we both agreed that God was calling us to go back to Texas. Who are we to argue? We just go where we're called! So we put in our request to move to Corpus Christi.

It really seems like we just got to Florida! We have had such a wonderful experience here. We are so excited to be moving back to Texas (we are both from there), but are actually really sad to be leaving the Pensacola area. The "city" has been a lot of fun, our neighborhood (Pace) is wonderful, and all of our friends have made our short 3 month stay in Florida absolutely fabulous! I guess that's the military for you. Moves are so bittersweet!

Hubby and I were both really nervous about our move to Florida simply because we didn't know what we were doing and really had no guidance for it. We discovered the fabulous phrase "TMO," and took full advantage of everything that they offered. It took a while (3 visits to their office and countless phone calls) to get it all lined up, thanks to TMO not being forthcoming with information (how was I supposed to know the exact, specific questions I was supposed to ask??), but just like was promised, movers came to our tiny apartment, packed all of our stuff, and moved it down south. We prayed and prayed and prayed for a smooth move after the horror stories we had heard from other couples that had the military move their stuff. Our move was flawless.

For our move to Texas, we have also been praying for the blessing of a smooth move just like our last one. So far, so good. Navy bases don't have TMO (something similar and a tad more efficient), and this time Hubby got to deal with all of the paperwork. Lucky for him, someone actually came to him, had him fill out the correct paperwork, and BAM! All we have to do is wait for the moving truck. No phone calls, double-checking, or second-guessing!

I promised Hubby and myself that I would not waste time obsessing about this move like I obsessed about the last move. God provided for us here no thanks to any of my preparations. He will provide for us in our new home as well. The funny part of the process is that it's like deja-vu all over again. Last year at this time, Hubby and I were trying to stay calm over the imminent wedding, international honeymoon, moving up north, and "starting" the Marine Corps. This time it's a little less severe, but still surrounded by us celebrating our love! Some friends have asked us how we are going to celebrate our anniversary. We again laugh and say, "By moving!" Naturally.

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