May 20, 2013

{Top 5} Goals for deployment...

With Hubby's deployment on the horizon, I've been thinking a lot about how to spend my time during this deployment.  Some military wives have deployment bucket lists--a list of crazy/adventurous/unusual experiences.  Some military wives start a new job or go back to school.  Some military wives choose to go "home" to live with family.  Some military wives take up new hobbies or start big projects around the house.  All of these are great ways to help pass the time and enjoy a deployment.  But none of these ideas really appealed to me in this stage of my life.

In prayerfully considering how I wanted to spend this deployment, I decided on five goals--maybe vague, maybe boring (to some)--but goals that will help to keep my focus outward and off of myself.  No pity parties here!

  1. Be a great wife from a distance.  I'll send lots of emails, care packages, and any other little thing I can give to Hubby to make him feel loved, appreciated, and supported while we are so far apart.   
  2. Be a great mom to our little ones.  Being a militarily single mom is hard and stressful.  I don't want to let the stress of our family's situation inhibit the boys' enjoyment of childhood.  My goal is to be loving, supportive, understanding, patient, and joyful towards our children.
  3. Be a great friend.  I will spend my extra time nurturing friendships, old and new.  Since I won't have date night with Hubby for a while, I'll have the chance to have more girls' nights out, send snail mail to old friends, and talk on the phone and text a lot.  
  4. Be kind to others around me.  I have been the victim of more than one deployed wife whose emotions were unleashed on me.  The stress of deployment needs a release, but I will not allow myself to take out my life's stresses on others.   
  5. Have fun.  Whatever that might be.  Yesterday, "having fun" was reading a book in bed and falling asleep early.  Today, "having fun" was taking the boys to the aquarium.  Tomorrow, I think "having fun" will be sitting in the backyard and watching Boy #1 collect rocks.  And who knows what kind of crazy fun we'll have the next day!

May 3, 2013

NIV Military Wives' New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs {Review}...

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Jocelyn Green has compiled another wonderful resource for military wives who are looking for a bit of encouragement: NIV Military Wives' New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs.  This book offers 90 devotions embedded throughout the text.  60 of these devotions expand on a specific Bible passage by bringing God's Word into the context of and from a military wife.  30 of these devotions focus on the faithful lives of those on the home front.  Each devotion also provides insightful questions and a prayer.  The Military Wives' New Testament also offers ten Bible studies that encourage a deeper understanding of different Bible passages.

With a complete military theme, The Military Wives' New Testament is a wonderful resource that ministers to the lives and hearts of military wives.  We can be encouraged by the words of seasoned military wives coming alongside the Great Words of our Great God.  

The publishers of The Military Wives' New Testament are excited to offer a "Buy 1 Give 1 Free" promotion!

With every purchase of the NIV Military Wives’ New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs, you will receive an additional copy to share with a friend for free!

To get your free copy:
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