November 29, 2013

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November 27, 2013

Pity! Party of one!

Yes, this is my Thanksgiving post.

This is the first ever holiday that I'll be spending by myself.  And that was by design.  I decided to throw myself a good ol'-fashioned pity party for Thanksgiving.

I decided not to go "home" for Thanksgiving because, after 6 airplane trips with my sons over the course of this deployment, I just couldn't stand the thought of traveling any more.  Now I will spend the day enjoying the home that God provided for us. The windows will be open, football will be on TV, and the smell of my own personal pumpkin pie baking in the oven will fill our home.

I decided not to go "home" for Thanksgiving because after months of deployment and extensions and "I don't know"s, I just couldn't stand the thought of explaining to lots of people (individually, of course) where Hubby is, what he's doing, when he's coming home, or how sad it is that he's missing the holidays.  Instead, I will spend the day playing with my little boys, talking about what we'll do as a family when Hubby comes home, take and email him silly pictures of the family...and eat my pumpkin pie.

I decided not to go "home" for Thanksgiving because I really just needed a break from the reminder that my family is separated, and has been for a long time.  No explanations, no questions, no insensitive comments.  Now I'll spend the day explaining to Boy 1 why he can't just eat cereal all day, telling him where his yellow choo choo is after he asks me ten times, and removing Boy 1's hair from Boy 2's hand (such an insensitive baby).

I decided not to go "home" for Thanksgiving because I just needed to be alone during this time.  I've been following the advice of every military wife ever that says to stay busy during a deployment.  So I have kept me and my little boys very busy.  And now I'm tired and need time to just sit by myself and feel the emotions of the deployment.  Once the boys are snuggly tucked into their beds, there will probably be wine, a sappy movie...and my own personal pumpkin pie.

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November 6, 2013

Deployed: The Survival Guide for Families at War {Review}...

Dr. Stanley Hall is a marriage and family therapist who has worked with military members suffering from PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury.  In his recently published book, Deployed: The Survival Guide for Families at War, Dr. Hall offers a hybrid of marriage and family counseling research and tips as it specifically applies to active duty military members and their families.

I found this book to be beneficial to the military family because it discusses basic marriage and family issues, such as communication and parenting, using examples that military families can relate to.  While I didn't agree with some of his opinions or advice, Dr. Hall seems to understand the struggles that military families face.  Indeed, his education and experience with the military allows Deployed to have much more depth than many other books that are written for military families.

There's no pink camo or tongue-in-cheek witticisms in Deployed: The Survival Guide for Families at War.  However, if you're looking for a no-frills book about being married in the military, this is it.

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What to wear to a black-tie wedding...

I chose this Shabby Apple dress to wear to a black tie wedding.  I didn't want to look like I was going to prom or another military ball, so I went with (what I hope was) sleek elegance.  I love the 70s/80s look of this dress, and I guess others did too because I got a ridiculous number of compliments on it.  Best part is that it was practically wadded up in my suitcase and still managed to look fresh when I put it on.  My jewel-encrusted shoes didn't fare so well. :/  

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