December 29, 2009

Lady day...

Many months back (I know. I'm a bad blogger.) Hubby's squadron invited all of the wives over for a "lady day." Below is a cartoon of my experience.

I was actually just kidding, but it made for a funny picture! Hubby's squadron was kind enough to organize a tour of the hangar where we got to put on a g-suit, torso harness, survival vest, helmet, and, as Hubby said, toughness. Then we got strapped into the jet. I have a new found sympathy for those with claustrophobia. I am much smaller than Hubby, and I found myself actually feeling a little panicky after just a minute in the closed canopy. Thank goodness it's him and not me!

In addition to touring the hangar, we also got to visit the tower and the radar room where we witnessed the amazing skill of keeping students drivers...I mean pilots...from crashing into each other.

Our day ended with a flight simulator demonstration. For some reason I kept envisioning Hubby in some tiny cubicle with a computer circa 1980 as his simulator. It's actually a full cockpit with an Imax-type screen. I got a chance to "fly" the simulator, and I did my first barrel roll! I believe I'm ready for the real thing now, but Hubby can't seem to find anyone to say yes to that. We're still working on it though. ;)

Thanks to Hubby's squadron for being such wonderful hosts and truly giving me the opportunity to walk/fly in Hubby's flight suit!

December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

"For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." -Isaiah 9:6

Many blessings to each of you this holiday season!

Wifey, Hubby, Big Puppy, & Little Puppy

December 21, 2009

Top 5 things to do while Hubby is away...

...all day for the first time since I have been done with school and have nothing important to do!

  1. Workout. I went on a nice long run outside on this gorgeous day. Unfortunately, as I was leaving the base gym, my car wouldn't start...again. But of course, Hubby came to my rescue (though he doesn't know it yet). I went on another long run to the squadron's parking lot, grabbed Hubby's truck, and made my way back home.

  2. Throw things away. This is a weird obsession I have. I really, really like to throw things away. Pens that don't write the first time? Trash it. Empty shampoo bottles? Trash it. Anything we haven't used in a month? Trash it. After seeing our stuff packed and unpacked too many times, I am always amazed at how much we have (though Hubby swears we're at the bare minimum for survival) and take joy in knowing that that will be one less thing to unpack after our next move. Today I took two plastic tubs filled with stuff to the recycling plant then came home and cleaned out the refrigerator. Wonderful.

  3. Shop. Seeing as how we live in a small town and our shopping options are Wal-Mart and Goodwill, I take pleasure in shopping in a little-known boutique, commonly referred to by me as My Closet. Today I gathered my back issues of InStyle for inspiration and had a fabulous time shopping in My Closet and creating and modeling (for the puppies) my "new" outfits.

  4. Read. Again, seeing as how we live in a small town, there are no coffee shops, unless you count IHOP (which I don't). Therefore, my house becomes my own coffee shop to sit in and enjoy a good book. I brewed a cup of tea and continued my reading of Atlas Shrugged. Of course I also read when Hubby is home, but sometimes the background noise of XBOX zombies killing each other deflates the serenity. (Hubby...surely you know I jest! ;) Haha!)

  5. Piddle. This is another of my favorite things to do. defines it as "spending time in a wasteful, trifling, or ineffective way; to dawdle." I disagree. I did dawdle around the house today, but with a purpose. I dawdled on in to every room in our house and looked for anything that was left undone. I dawdled into the living room and decided the curtains were too long, so I hemmed them. I dawdled into the study and found an unmailed post card, so I stamped it and mailed it & etc. I get so much done when I piddle! :)

What do you do while your hubby is away?

December 18, 2009

December 16, 2009

Jane Austen hearts the USMC...

My morning went a little something like this: I was sitting on the couch drinking my tea and doing my "checks" (email, facebook, Reader, etc). Hubby sat down next to me and noticed that a blog I follow (don't judge) was celebrating Jane Austen's birthday today. It showed a picture of Jane with balloons and a caption that read, "Happy 234th birthday, Jane Austen!"

Hubby giddily commented, "Whoa! Jane Austen is 234 years old! She was born the same year as the Marine Corps! Cool."

Inspired by Hubby, happy birthday to Jane Austen, who obviously must have some eternal connection to the United States Marine Corps. Cheerio and oorah!

(This picture was all Hubby's idea.)

Virtual Christmas Market...

There are so many military wives out there who have chosen to be stay-at-home wives and mothers, but can't let their creativity or entrepreneurial spirit rest. I have come across several of such ladies that make beautiful and fun gifts. Take a look for yourself, and please consider supporting these ladies and their talents! I've only featured a few items, so be sure to go to their websites to check out all of their goods! Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

Super cute sign! Most on Etsy are willing to accept personalized orders, so give it a whirl!

Flight suit bag? Heck, yes! So cute!

I'm also a sucker for anything made out of digis...even a little girl's dress!

Beautiful necklace!

Little girls and tutus seem to be a classic combination! This tutu is especially adorable!


Lil Monkey Designs

This should get an award for "Most Creative Diaper Cake Ever!"
Prices vary as each cake is completely customized!

Diaper and Wiper chic!

These stamps are a work of art in themselves!


Layers of Color

One more fabulous site to visit is Queen B. She makes adorable customized items for baby...perfect for a unique shower gift!

Queen B Boutique


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