December 29, 2009

Lady day...

Many months back (I know. I'm a bad blogger.) Hubby's squadron invited all of the wives over for a "lady day." Below is a cartoon of my experience.

I was actually just kidding, but it made for a funny picture! Hubby's squadron was kind enough to organize a tour of the hangar where we got to put on a g-suit, torso harness, survival vest, helmet, and, as Hubby said, toughness. Then we got strapped into the jet. I have a new found sympathy for those with claustrophobia. I am much smaller than Hubby, and I found myself actually feeling a little panicky after just a minute in the closed canopy. Thank goodness it's him and not me!

In addition to touring the hangar, we also got to visit the tower and the radar room where we witnessed the amazing skill of keeping students drivers...I mean pilots...from crashing into each other.

Our day ended with a flight simulator demonstration. For some reason I kept envisioning Hubby in some tiny cubicle with a computer circa 1980 as his simulator. It's actually a full cockpit with an Imax-type screen. I got a chance to "fly" the simulator, and I did my first barrel roll! I believe I'm ready for the real thing now, but Hubby can't seem to find anyone to say yes to that. We're still working on it though. ;)

Thanks to Hubby's squadron for being such wonderful hosts and truly giving me the opportunity to walk/fly in Hubby's flight suit!

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  1. Love this post too :o) Looks like fun and I love your conversation in the cartoon bubbles :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!


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