January 2, 2010


A new year inevitably brings about a time of examination. How have I spent the past year, and how can I bring about positive changes in the year to come? A new decade, on the other hand, begs for a deeper reflection. How have the last ten years made me who I am today?

Without giving my age away (a lady never tells), ten years ago I was in high school, hopelessly struggling with typical adolescent insecurities. I was painfully shy and spent my days reluctantly wading through the high school social scene. At home, my life appeared to be quickly crumbling, but through it I learned (and witnessed from my mother) an incredible sense of perseverance and strength within myself.

College was my opportunity to become the person I knew I could be, someone completely different from the high school girl that I was not fond of. I embraced the excitement and beauty of life. I experienced heartbreak and true love and all of the lessons that come with both. I was blessed to meet my BFF early in my college days, and we have enjoyed a wonderful friendship for many years. I was also blessed to meet my best friend and husband during my college years. We have spent half of this past decade together, with our love growing stronger and deeper with each passing day.

I experienced alienation and reconciliation with family and friends while simultaneously growing stronger relationships with those that supported me through those difficult times.

I graduated from college, was engaged, and became an "independent woman" (holla!) in the span of two days. I became roomies with my older brother and had the opportunity to continue our sibling friendship as "adults." I began my professional career which emotionally and socially stretched me far beyond my comfort zone, but learned valuable life lessons that still affect me today.

I rededicated my life to Christ, was rebaptized, and "will never be the same again."

Hubby responded to God's calling for his life and was commissioned in the USMC, beginning a pathway which has brought us where we are today.

I planned a wedding in a different city from where either I or Hubby was living. We had a gorgeous wedding but realized that the details of the "big day" were completely insignificant compared to the vows that we promised God and each other.

The USMC has made us move four times, but I wouldn't change that for anything. We have gotten to live and experience life in several parts of the country and have made some of our best friends through these journeys. Being forced into unfamiliar places and situations, Hubby and I have learned to rely solely on one another which has built a strong foundation for our marriage.

The past ten years have brought about life lessons learned (many times) the hard way, internal struggles, and God's ever-present guidance for my life. The past ten years have brought pain and feelings of hopelessness, but have also brought a greater happiness than I thought I would ever know.

"I could have missed the pain, but then I'd have had to miss the dance." -Garth Brooks

Here's to another decade of no regrets, of life, and the excitement of new and wonderful experiences to come.


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