January 13, 2010

Top 5 most amazing things the military has let me do...

Being a Marine wife doesn't bring too many perks, so when they do come I just eat them up and enjoy every second!
  1. Marry a man in Marine dress blues. Y'all know what I'm talking about! ;)
  2. Participate in spouses' day. TBS offered a warrior day where I got to shoot an M-16 and a grenade launcher. One squadron offered a taxi day where I got strapped into a plane and took a little ride around the runway. His current squadron also let me get into his jet, though sadly we didn't go anywhere.
  3. Meet the Commandant of the Marine Corps. All the married guys and their wives from TBS were invited to a cocktail party at the CMC's home in DC where we got to meet him and snoop through his house.
  4. Travel to Europe for (almost) free. Yup. We flew to Germany Space-A (click here to read about our experience) and enjoyed a ten day excursion through Germany and Austria.
  5. Move. As tough as a move can be, we actually enjoy the experiences that a move brings. So far, we have lived in four completely different towns, each of which we have learned to love for their unique qualities. If Hubby weren't a Marine, we would probably live in one city for our entire lives and miss out on living in and exploring all of these areas. With these moves also comes the best friends in the world! It creates a lasting bond with those friends even if our moves take us to opposite coasts.
Your turn! What amazing things has the military allowed you to do?


  1. Oh my goodness so many...Love love meeting new people and making long time friends. I guess my biggest thing is I never would have guessed that I would have become so sick while my husband was active. The Army has been super good to us during this terrible time and the insurance I am soooo thankful for. Thanks for posting:)

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad to know that good ol' Tricare came through for you!

  3. I liked reading about your Space-A experience! I think I had some Girl Scout cookies when we were in Baltimore too :) We had a lot of trouble getting back to Germany this summer.

  4. I definitely agree with #1!!! Where all have you lived?

    Because of the military having my daughter was free (woo hoo)!

    Also, I've learned a great sense of pride in my country from it (I know, total Moto response)

    I've learned how to fix things, deal with vehicle problems, cook for just 1, and all the other things that the Mr does all thanks to deployment. "I don't know, hubby usually does it," is becoming less and less an acceptable excuse.

  5. Thanks for all the great input! It sounds like the military has had amazing opportunities for y'all, too!

    Mrs. P: we have lived in VA, FL, and 2 towns in TX, with another move (somewhere) this summer!

  6. I definitely agree on the marrying a man in his dress blues ;-). We've also been to Germany. We were stationed there for four years, and had our oldest son there.

    The moving itself I don't love so much, but getting to see new places and meet new people (some life long friends) has been great. I just don't like when the movers break irreplaceable stuff.

  7. So fun to find your blog! :) I'm also a Marine wife; we are currently stationed overseas. Great posts- made me smile. Thanks! Looking forward to reading more. ;)

  8. without the military, I never would have gotten to meet my wonderfull Marine. Get married on beach, live in HI, be able to see a doc/dentist out of my local area for FREE.
    I would not be living in the house that I am now. And most importantly, I would not have met some of the funniest ladies at the LINKS house plus be able to share my knowledge with other Marine/Navy spouses. (and those are just within the last three years. I've got a lifetime of good times paid for by the military)


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