December 16, 2009

Jane Austen hearts the USMC...

My morning went a little something like this: I was sitting on the couch drinking my tea and doing my "checks" (email, facebook, Reader, etc). Hubby sat down next to me and noticed that a blog I follow (don't judge) was celebrating Jane Austen's birthday today. It showed a picture of Jane with balloons and a caption that read, "Happy 234th birthday, Jane Austen!"

Hubby giddily commented, "Whoa! Jane Austen is 234 years old! She was born the same year as the Marine Corps! Cool."

Inspired by Hubby, happy birthday to Jane Austen, who obviously must have some eternal connection to the United States Marine Corps. Cheerio and oorah!

(This picture was all Hubby's idea.)


  1. "Great post! Thanks for stopping by my site the other day! :)"

    Nor problem! Great blog!

  2. Funny! I love Jane Austen's books and the movies A&E has done. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite. I just got it on Blue-ray last night and watched the first hour. My husband actually watches it with me and laughs through all the father's comments.


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