August 15, 2011

Moving truck envy...

There comes a certain point at every duty station when I know we'll be leaving very soon.  More than the excitement of leaving a duty station (I have loved every duty station in its own way), my anticipation for a move grows from the excitement of the adventures to be had at the next duty station.

It's right about this time that I suffer from moving truck envy. 

I wake up one morning to find a little truck or van at a neighbor's house--a sure sign that the packers are ransacking their house.  Sure enough, the next day brings the huge moving truck, and the day after that the family disappears, off on their next great adventure.

It's right about this time that I feel a little jealous that the moving truck is not parked outside our house.  (Until I think of all the work involved in a move.  Then I'm usually glad it's not us yet.)  

When Hubby finished TBS, most of our friends immediately hit the road.  In the weeks leading up to and immediately following his TBS graduation, our apartment's parking lot became a moving sidewalk of moving trucks.  There were so many U-Hauls parked outside the graduation ceremony that it was almost humorous.  It took every ounce of my will to remain patient for our turn to have the moving truck outside our house. 

And even now I have that slight twinge of envy when I hear the sound of diesel trucks in the vicinity.  Soon enough, soon enough.  In the meantime, I will enjoy the calmness that comes with not PCSing.  :)        

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  1. I am so glad I'm not the only one. At our last post, we would go for "walks", which since my husband is more than a foot taller than me were more like jogs, every day and right before we moved I would see the trucks everywhere and parts of me would just ooze with envy. He thought it was funny.

  2. I think I have moving truck envy right now. i have never been in a hurry to move but I would not mind leaving here

  3. I feel ya....moving is hard work, but so exciting!

  4. Whew! I'm glad I'm not the only one! ;)

  5. That was my favorite part of being an Army best and then Army wife! I know most people hate the moving all the time but to me it was a new house to decorate, new people to meet and a new adventure.

  6. Wow! That would make for a great picture!

  7. I've had moving truck envy for years! We have somehow been sucked into the blackhole that is "Retire McGuire" and have been stationed here for 11 years. I envy everyone that gets to leave.

  8. Visiting from SITS - I love your writing style and blog.

    I can't stand the process of moving, but I love the excitement of starting fresh in a new place.

  9. Most don't want to move, so your hubby definitely married the right woman for his career. :)

  10. I would love to move often. I think it would force us to prune our belongings more frequently, and we need to do it baaaadly!!!! Happy SITS day!!

  11. I can't imagine living the military life. Moving all the time and feeling like so much was out of my control. Differences are definitely what keep our world functioning.

    You see it as an adventure. It sounds like you were made for this life.

    Best wishes in it.


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