August 3, 2009

8/18/08 I stopped and smelled...

"Stop and smell the roses." Something we have all heard countless times. My reaction is usually an eye roll and the thought of how cheesy that sounds. But last night I stopped and smelled.

Hubby had a later flight, so I found myself alone and with all of my housework and random chores finished. While bringing Puppy in from our leisurely stroll through our white-picket-fenced neighborhood, I casually glanced at the rose bush on the side of our house. I see it everyday, think how nice it is that we have a rose bush, and then move on with life. Maybe it was the extra time I had or maybe it was my mind craving some simplistic peace. Whatever it was, I was drawn to the rose bush.

I quickly went inside, grabbed a pair of kitchen scissors, then took myself and the dog back outside to the rose bush. I carefully cut the roses and brought them inside to put in a rose bowl. I couldn't stop looking at or smelling the roses, so I carried the rose bowl around the house with me all night. I admired them in the kitchen, in front of the TV, in the study, and in our bed. Simply lovely.

This afternoon I went in our backyard to water our one hanging plant that is hanging on for dear life. These impatiens (very appropriate, right??) made the move with us from Pensacola. Unfortunately, the condition appears grave, and I'm not sure that a recovery is in this plant's future.

These flowers got me thinking. Whoever lived in our house before us took the time and effort to plant one small rose bush, not knowing if they would ever get to bring the first beautiful bud inside to admire. But she planted it anyway.

I, on the other hand, moved a basket full of impatiens 750 miles so I could continue to admire them in our new home. In the end, this killed my first plant babies. If I would have left them at our old home, the new renters would have had a lovely surprise in their new backyard. Now, neither of us has any beautiful flowers out our back doors.

"You can't take it with you when you go." Another phrase that we've all heard countless times, but I hope it can take on a fun and different meaning for the military family. Always make sure you leave something behind when you move on from one duty station to another. Maybe it's a garden, maybe it's your friendship. Don't hoard all of the beautiful things in your life, but rather leave something that can be a blessing to someone else if they also choose to "stop and smell the roses."

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