August 6, 2009

4/16/09 The cure for ordinary...

My morning prayer for the last several weeks has been for God to give me joy as I go through my day. Sometimes it's hard to find joy in days that can be so dreadfully dull.

I thought I'd share with you some of the random thoughts of joy that arose in me yesterday. They are so much greater than the agonizing boredom I sometimes have to endure.

  • I get to wake up next to the most perfect husband every day!
  • My outfit for today is really cute!
  • My puppy is still sound asleep and so cute!
  • Hazelnut coffee and a bagel!
  • Walking out the door to go to work at the same time as my suburban!
  • It's not so cold outside!
  • Plenty of things to keep me busy at work!
  • Nutella sandwich!
  • Going home for lunch to enjoy my sunlight-filled living room and a good book!
    Found a good parking space after lunch!
  • God-inspired, overflowing brainstorming/writing!
  • I love this song! ("I know my Redeemer lives...I spoke with Him this morning!")
  • It's 5 o'clock!
  • The bells from the university clock tower are gorgeous!
  • My workouts for the week are over...time for uninterrupted hang-out time with Hubby!
  • Leave has been worked out!
  • Ahh...quick-cooking and dinner with Hubby!
  • Bible study with friends tonight!
  • Jesus and all that He has done and is doing is AMAZING!
  • Impromptu Office-viewing party tomorrow night!
  • Banana bread from Rachel outside our front door...with no bugs in it!
  • Michael is also coming for Easter!
  • Picasa is the coolest program ever!
  • Sleep is excellent!
  • God is faithful in helping me find a joyful spirit!

Care to share your random thoughts of joy today?

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