August 6, 2009

4/2/09 A lesson in respect

As of this week, I'm officially back in the work force. I haven't worked in an office since I got married two years ago, due to the fact that the Marines have moved us every few months for training. Though Hubby and I decided before we got married that working wasn't a necessity for me, after prayerful consideration, we found this the right time for me to go back to work for one main reason: entertainment. This is the smallest town I have ever lived in. I'm a tried and true city girl, and we live a stone throw's away from the largest ranch in the United States. We live on a street named after a cow, and one of the main roads through town is also named after a cow. There is absolutely nothing entertaining to do (on an everyday basis) in our area. There is not even a Target to browse through--one of our favorite past-times!

So while I've been bringing home the bacon (or in this case, maybe beef is more appropriate) Hubby is on the tail-end of a month of leave, leaving him at home by himself all day. This has ushered in a temporary domestic role reversal. We are both gaining a new appreciation for the daily challenges that our respective "gender work" brings about.

For just this week, it is Hubby at home trying to play the role of housewife. He is learning what it's like to have to walk the dog 10x a day, make the bed, do the grocery shopping, check the mail, do the dishes (also 10x a day), start dinner, and, when that's all taken care of, how to fill the rest of the empty afternoon until I get home.

For just this week (while he's still on leave), it is me watching him sleep through my 5:45 alarm clock, spending all day at work, coming home exhausted and dealing with whatever issues have popped up during the day.

I know that he's been waiting on me all day to come home. He knows that I rushed out the door as soon as 5:00 came.

It's these different seasons in life that God gives us to allow us to grow in our marriage. It is up to both of us to look for opportunities for growth, including growing in those things we promised to each other on our wedding day--love and respect. Who wants their marriage to stay stagnant?

When I get out of bed at 5:45 tomorrow morning and see Hubby still sleeping peacefully, I will fight through my desire for snuggling and thank God for this new opportunity to grow in respect for my husband.

How is God teaching you to better love and respect your husband?

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