August 3, 2009

12/1/08 The waiting game...

I could feel the excitement and anticipation all around. There I was, at the center of some stage, staring blankly back at the multitude of people cheering me on and waiting in anticipation for what I would do next.

The theme song blared through the speakers set up on either end of the stage, causing the audience to become even more excited by what they might witness. Half way through the theme song, which just happened to be the Marine Corps Hymn, the host of the game show, along with his huge, welcoming smile, made his appearance on the stage next to me.

"Good evening! Welcome to...THE WAITING GAME! I am your host, Uncle Sam. Let's begin!"

The next thing I knew, Uncle Sam and the audience that had just been roaring with supportive applause grew so quiet and somber that I could hear the ticking of my wrist watch.

After a few mildly uncomfortable minutes, I began to understand the object of The Waiting Game. The audience's impatient stares and quick checks of their watches did nothing to intimidate me. I stood on the stage, next to Uncle Sam, feeling confident and that I had the stamina to go on waiting for months.

But just when I thought I could outlast the biggest winner of The Waiting Game, my overconfidence got the better of me. Out came the first challenger. It was one of my relatives. She walked right out of the audience and came to stand in front of Uncle Sam and me.

Uncle Sam leaned the microphone toward my relative, and with a small, yet very serious voice she asked, "What will your hubby be doing next?"

I faltered slightly, but said with my sweetest, most patient smile, "We're not sure yet." Just like that.

The next challenger was one of hubby's relatives. "When will you be moving?"

"We're not sure yet," I said with less of a smile.

By the 100th challenger, I was growing weak, frustrated, and impatient.

Then the game just abruptly stopped, and it was announced that I was the winner! Uncle Sam, suddenly all perked up, gladly showed me to another part of the stage that seemed to appear out of nowhere. There were 4 doors, each with a big surprise behind it!

"Drumroll, please...." And behind door #1 is...

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