August 3, 2009

5/26/08 Memorial Day...

3 years ago, I had the privilege of living and working in Washington, DC. One of my favorite memories of that summer came right after I arrived. I decided to spend Memorial Day at Arlington Cemetery. This is a portion from my journal entry after that day:

"I had tears in my eyes all morning. All of the many sacrifices are incomprehensible. As I was walking through the cemetery, I saw an older woman. She was kneeling on one knee beside a grave, one hand on the tombstone, one hand with a tissue wiping the tears from her eyes. My heart went out for her. I don't know what it's like to lose someone close to me from war, but that fear is set solidly in my heart since I have fallen in love with (future Hubby). I can't possibly understand the grief, and I hope that I'll never have to. I couldn't offer this stranger a hug or words of encouragement. As I watched her weep in memory, all I could offer were my prayers and sincere thanks for being selfless enough to send her loved one to war for the sake of her fellow Americans."

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