August 5, 2009

12/15/08 Tizzy spells...

With hubby's aircraft "selection" (umm...assignment) just a few flights away, I have once again been getting myself into a tizzy about every possible contingency plan for our future adventure. OK, that's a lie. Ever since he started this round of flight school 6 months ago, I've been in a tizzy. I have frequently given into my anxious tendencies in the form of meticulously researching housing options at each of the four possible duty stations we could be going next, studying the calendar for best and worst case scenarios for school completion dates, and obsessively checking the squadron's schedule to see if hubby's name is included for a flight the next day.

But now that selection day is actually in view, I keep reminding myself that no matter what level of tizzy-ness I get myself into, I am not in control. It is not up to me. Thank God! Really...thank you, God for not putting me in charge or paying attention to my tizzy spells.

One of my most favorite men of the Bible would have to be Abraham. He is definitely on that list of people I would have dinner with if I could choose anybody. He had such great faith in God that he was able to drop everything in order to follow God's plan for his (Abraham's) life.

"The Lord said to Abram (Abraham), "Leave your country, your people and your father's household and go to the land I will show you.... So Abram left, as the Lord had told him...." -Genesis 12:1,4
What military wife can't relate to this?

"Leave your country, your people and your father's house." Read: Leave your hometown, everything that is familiar to you, all of your friends and family.

"Go to the land I will show you." Read: Your current and next duty station are not random, but specifically prepared for you and your husband by God. Don't tell your hubby's CO this, but God is actually deciding where to send you next!

"So Abram left, as the Lord had told him." Read: Obey God's calling for your next move without hesitation.

Another verse that refers to Abraham's faith has been a verse that I have clung to ever since I began to feel the anxious pangs of uncertainty in the military, which is to say, from the day I said "I do."

"By faith Abraham, when called to go...obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going." -Hebrews 11:8
So as the questioning of where we will be living in a few weeks becomes more of a temptation, I have rediscovered this verse. It's one that I really should tattoo backwards on my face. That way, every time I look in the mirror to see if worry lines are emerging on my forehead, I will see this verse instead.

Even though I don't know where we're going in a few weeks, I am inspired by Abraham's prompt obedience to God. Even though he didn't know where he was going, Abraham set out humbly, confidently, and faithfully in the direction that God would show him along the way.

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  1. During times of uncertainty it is always a blessing to be able to look at the people of God who endured similar situations, persevered by seeking God’s will, and did it right by relying FULLY on Him.

    You are blessed with your writing and putting it in such a way that it stirs the heart of Semper Hubby himself.


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