August 3, 2009

7/10/08 Costumed 50's housewife in a sea of pantsuits...

I should have been born in the 1950’s. I probably would have fit in better with the women of those days than the “modern” women of today.

I would consider myself a bit of an anti-feminist. Don’t get me wrong…women are still intelligent and perfectly capable of doing everything that a man does. I am just as intelligent as my hubby and could probably even fly a plane better! But I don’t want to. I want to stay at home. I want to have a perfectly spotless and put-together home. I want to make gourmet meals for our dinner each night. I want to always have fresh baked items on hand. And one day, I will take joy in being pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen.

I will always be the girl that dresses up to go to the grocery store, that will wear high heels until my feet bleed (and even after they start to bleed!), and wear pearls in some fashion every single day. And yes, if you look in my windows on cleaning day, you’ll see me in a shirt dress, heels, and pearls, reminiscent of June Cleaver.

I receive a lot of negative looks and comments when I tell people that I only work at home as a housewife. Maybe they are looks of pity, but they are wasting them on me. In this age where women are expected to be corporate executives and successful doctors, I stick out like a costumed 50’s housewife in a sea of pantsuits. God has called me to be by the side of my husband, in every literal sense. God has circumstantially closed the door to me of working outside of the home. Therefore, I work at home and wait to be beside my hubby the moment he walks through the door.

I love my job…and the accompanying outfits!

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