August 3, 2009

5/19/08 It all began...

When Hubby proposed, I not only said yes to him, but to the Marine Corps!
Graduation and commissioning...just a few short weeks before our wedding. They really owned us now!

We had the most beautiful and perfect wedding! The perfect start to our beautiful marriage!

We had just enough time to take a honeymoon...

...before we had to move to Virginia the day after we returned from paradise. We drove for 2 days, moved into our apartment on the third day (all by ourselves because we had no idea the meaning of TMO), had 2 of Hubby's buddies stay with us during days 3-4 in our 700 sq. ft. newlywed apartment before their school started, and finally Hubby started to TBS in Quantico, VA on the 5th day.


Now we are just loving life together. This is an adventure that I am so happy to be sharing with my husband. These are our stories! I pray that you will be able to laugh along with us on our journey through the Marine Corps!


  1. Girl, you are hilarious! I love your style of writing and hearing all the fun details. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures!

  2. Wow, what a sweet story. (And those are some puffy pants in the first picture. What are they? I’m not use to Marine stuff.)

    Also… how funny that we had a similar timeline. My guy commissioned on May 11, 2007 too. We got married July 21 and had a quick honeymoon and moved to Florida right after we got back. What a whirlwind!


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