August 3, 2009

11/11/08 Seasonally Confused...

It's amazing how quickly we can go from one extreme to another. Exactly one year ago, we were living on the east coast amid picture perfect fall weather. Now we're living at a south Texas beach that is seasonally confused.

We finally experienced the "changing of the seasons" in Corpus Christi a few days ago. Maybe I should clarify. The changing of the seasons back to summer. We've had a few days of weather that would only be considered "autumn" by a native Texan. But now we've changed back to summer...85 degrees, 85% humidity.

God bless Texas and its never-ending summers.

Our 2007 autumn experience...real fall foliage, perfectly cool weather, and coats and hats!

Our 2008 autumn experience...tropical flowers re-blooming in our yard, beach days, and sundresses and flip flops!

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