August 6, 2009

3/25/09 Space-A, Part 2...

We decided to wait until morning to make our way over to Baltimore, so we had to find a place to stay the night. No room in any of the base inns. Too late (and pointless) to call a cab to base to take us to a hotel off-base, so we had another typical Space-A adventure of sleeping in the terminal. Hubby and I opened our one little suitcase to pull out extra layers of clothing to keep warm from the frigid breezes coming inside from the sliding doors, fluffed up the backpack for use as a pillow, and spent a terribly uncomfortable night at the base terminal.

We awoke the next morning, not very refreshed, but eager to try our hand at Space-A again. Our friend Walt had told us that an airport shuttle or taxi ride to the airport would be too expensive, and recommended renting a car for the short drive to Baltimore. Unfortunately, the rental company on base had zero cars to rent us. Shot down again. Nevertheless, the three of us determined travellers bit the financial bullet, hailed a cab, and (after getting slightly swindled by the sneaky driver), arrived at BWI.

Walt lead the way to the military terminal, and we all got checked in for the flight, being assured by the ticketing agent that everyone for the past month that had tried to fly Space-A had gotten a seat on the plane. Perfect (and it really was)!

Walt then showed us to the USO where we spent the remainder of the day. It was here that we learned that missing our first flight was a true blessing in disguise for several reasons. First, we would be flying on a DC-10 (with flight attendants, movies, and meals!) instead of a freezing cargo plane. Second, while we were sitting in the USO I got a voicemail with a job offer for which I had recently interviewed. Had I been on the first flight, my phone would have been off for a week! And finally, missing our first flight was a blessing because the USO had boxes and boxes of Girl Scout cookies. I am a cookie monster, especially when they come from little Brownies (who seemed to be hiding from us this year). So, it is true...good things come to those who wait!

To wrap up this long travel saga, I will just say that we successfully got on the plane and had a wonderful week touring Austria and Germany!

This article is limited to just our adventures with Space-A, so if you're interested in our actual trip, just e-mail me and I will be happy to tell anyone who will listen more details of our travels...or if you have questions about Space-A. There is so much to learn! The next time we do it (if I don't just cave and completely plan and buy our next trip), I know it will be so much easier and less stressful. Despite the chaos and uncertainties, it was a fantastic adventure that I will always remember fondly!

The End.


  1. Seeing this story put down in writing makes me laugh seeing that this spontaneity and uncertainty is a complete 180 from our obnoxious planning and detailed personalities. It just goes to show that God has the power to guide those who are blind and in unfamiliar territory.

  2. HOW AMAZING!!!! I can’t wait to tell Eric and maybe we can try our luck!!! I have the same fears you did, about traveling cross country strapped to crates full of live chickens….haha, thanks for sharing!!!!

    We are soooooooooooo excited to be back in Texas!!! I have so many things I want to accomplish…and I need a job!!! Love you both!


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