August 3, 2009

7/16/08 Running away with the circus...

“Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Watch and be amazed by…my life!!!”We recently attended the circus with some friends. I loved the circus when I was a kid, and this past weekend allowed my inner child to resurface and watch with awe as the three-ring circus “razzle-dazzled” me!

From watching some of these amazing feats, I got to thinking that my life really isn’t that far fetched from being a three-ring circus. Granted, I don’t wear leotards (everyday), fit in a tiny clown car, or tame a cage full of tigers. However, many of these crazy acts I witness (in my own way) everyday in my own life.

One of the clowns had a doggie as his sidekick. The dog’s trick was to run circles around the clown and roll over…and over…and over at the clown’s feet. I could not stop laughing at this! It looked just like Puppy at feeding time. She is not allowed to go to her bowl to eat until she finishes a series of tricks (her discipline, my entertainment). She has convinced herself that if she just does the tricks really fast by herself, and not on my command, she will get her food quicker. This results in her staring up at me for a few seconds with her tail wagging her whole body, plopping herself on the floor into “lay,” and then immediately throwing her body across the living room for “roll over.” Once I am finally able to get her attention, she is so wound up with excitement that her “roll over” transposes in her head to “spin in a circle.” Just slap a big red foam nose to her snout!

The highlight of the show for me was the tiger tamer. He locked himself in a cage filled with about 15 tigers. For the most part the tigers behaved and listened to their trainer. However there were a few with a bit of an attitude. From our cheap seats we could hear them roaring and saw the tigers swipe at the trainer as he approached them. This was eerily reminiscent of life as a military wife. I am constantly surrounded by other wives. 95% of the time the other wives are very pleasant, and I have made tons of great friends. But look out for those that are growling and trying to paw you! You’re locked in the cage, so the best you can do is try to calm them by talking sweet to them or scratching their nose. If they still look like they are going to pounce you, it might be best to just stay on the other side of the cage.

And in the middle of all of this, of course, is the jewel and sequin covered, ever-so-polished ring leader. Of course this is me! I try to keep the chaos of life—another move and house set-up, keeping the house spotless, keeping my hubby and doggie fed, constant social outings, philanthropy work—flowing smoothly and seamlessly, all the while being perfectly dressed in a smile and sequins!

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