August 3, 2009

8/2/08 My modern day fairy tale...

Once upon a time, in the far away land of South Texas, there lived a prince and princess.

One day, the princess ventured away from her base house castle to visit the eye wizard at the health clinic. Legend had it that the wizard could stare deep into one’s eyes and be able to predict how one could see things clearly. The princess decided that it was her time to call on the wizard. The eye wizard lead the princess down a long corridor and into a dark cave. The princess scanned the room and saw a single stool in the middle with a bright light shining overhead. The princess wondered if she was still interested in being able to see things clearly. Perhaps this was all too much. With her flashlight magic wand leading the way, the eye wizard approached the princess and stared deep into her eyes.

“Come, my dear,” coaxed the wizard. “What do you see before you?”

In a trance, the princess slowly, almost magically, became aware of something unusual in front of her. “K…Z…B…J…P…E.”

“Very good, my dear.”

The princess felt quite pleased with herself for making the choice to be able to see things clearly. Though she had been a little uncertain of the wizard’s cave at first, she now knew she had sought out the right person.

“Thank you!” exclaimed the princess.

“Not so fast. I’m not quite finished with you yet. I will let you see clearly, but it comes at a price.”

The princess immediately became panicked.

“You will let me give you a special potion to allow me to see into your eyes. Because this potion will make you temporarily blind, you will know that you have paid your price for clear sight in the end.”

The princess wanted so badly to see things clearly that she accepted the wizard’s price and put her head back as the wizard dropped the potion into each of the princess’ eyes.

For a while, it seemed as if nothing was happening to the princess’ vision. The wizard was able to look deep into her eyes, then sent the princess on her way, satisfied with what she had seen.

The princess left the wizard’s dungeon and headed back into her kingdom. On the way back to the castle, she thought she would quickly stop by the kingdom’s commissary to do her weekly grocery shopping. Certain the wizard’s blindness would have no effect on her, she courageously ventured into the store.

The princess began her shopping, only discovering that the wizard’s blindness had finally set in on her! Everything was fuzzy and blurry, and no matter how hard she studied her shopping list, her eyes just couldn’t focus. She panicked slightly, wondering what to do about her groceries.

The princess called for her prince to come and rescue her. “Help! I’m stuck in the commissary and can’t see anything!”

The prince immediately dropped everything and rode on his F-150 to rescue his princess. The princess waited by the door of the commissary and felt overjoyed when she saw the silhouette of her prince walk in to find her.

He guided her all around the commissary, reading the size, price per ounce, and nutritional content of everything that the princess desired. The prince and princess successfully completed their grocery shopping and lived happily ever after.

The End.

Translation: I went to the optometrist to see about getting reading glasses. She gave me a prescription, but then decided to dilate my eyes to make sure there wasn't anything else wrong. My eyes are healthy, just over strained from all of my reading and writing lately. I thought grocery shopping would be ok with my dilated eyes, but quickly discovered that I couldn't do it without prince! :)

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  1. Wonderful fairy tale! Are you reading and writing for anything specific or just for enjoyment? Just curious!


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