August 3, 2009

11/10/08 Things to do in Corpus Christi, TX...

I'm going to start out this post by again saying that, "It's all about perspective, people!!!" ANY and EVERY town that the military sends you to will have at least one good point about it. The important thing is to always have a positive attitude about where you are living. If you go into a place determined to hate it, guess what? You're going to hate it the entire time that you are there. But, on the other hand, go into a place will a steadfast goal of enjoying yourself, and I guarantee you'll do what you set out to do.

This is our third city in a year with the military. At each duty station I have found soooo much to do that it seems we begin to run out of time before we've completely discovered all that our area has to offer.

It's really very easy to find all of these little treasures. In my experience, I have bought or checked out books from the library about our new area, picked up every brochure I could find by the entrance to the roadside motels that we've had to stay in, and looked at chamber of commerce websites. By far the best way to really get to know any particular area is by making conversation with the locals by asking them for recommendations on things to do, where to eat, and where to shop. It's from the locals that you get all the good places. When we first moved to Corpus Christi, the lady who was waxing my eyebrows at the spa told me about the best Mexican restaurant and when to go for their cheap margaritas. You can't buy those kinds of recommendations!

So again, embrace where you are and look for things to love!

Things to do in and around Corpus Christi...
  • Museum of Science and History (has a replica of Christopher Columbus' ship!)
  • Art Museum (free admission on Fridays)
  • Heritage Park (cluster of historic homes that you can tour)
  • American Bank Center (arena that hosts concerts, the circus, etc.)
  • USS Lexington (tour a real aircraft carrier)
  • North Beach (beach overlooking the Gulf, downtown, and the Lex)
  • Texas State Aquarium (they have a dolphin show!)
  • Great night life, especially on Water St. and Chaparral St. (let me know if you want specifics about where to go)
  • Take a stroll on the T-Heads (where all the pretty yachts are)
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Minor league sports teams: Hooks (baseball), Sharks (arena football), Ice Rayz (hockey)
  • Pirates of the Gulf (cheesy mini-golf on the Island)
  • Dollar theater at the "ghetto" mall (it's actually pretty nice for this kind of theater)
  • The beach, of course (North Beach or The Island)
  • Bowling on base
  • Day trips to: San Antonio, San Marcos Outlets, Downtown Rockport, King Ranch and Kingsville


  • The mall, of course. Nothing spectacular.
  • Lamar Park (Ann Taylor Loft, Francesca's, Talbot's, Julian Gold, other super cute boutiques!)
  • Bleu Frog (HUGE store with lots of home goods, baby clothes, dresses, and fudge!)
  • Oh, Gosh! (HUGE stationary/gift store)

As always, there is so much more that Corpus Christi has to offer. South Texas really can be a lot of fun! :)

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