August 3, 2009

11/19/08 It's the little things...

Sitting on the patio on cool mornings. Taking my puppy for walks. Holding hands with my hubby. Pumpkins. Waking up next to my hubby every morning. Clipping roses from the rose bush. Jane Austen. Drawing closer to God. My friends-old and new. Running. Talking to my family and old friends on the phone. Cake. Knowing my hubby loves his job. College Station. The smell of BBQ. Driving with the windows down. Cookies. The smell of new books. Writing. Autumn. The silly ways my puppy sleeps. Watching my hubby and puppy play hide-and-seek. Lattes. Hearing an old, familiar song on the radio. Knowing that I am loved. Yoga. Dog tags, flight suits, and combat boots. Baking something yummy just so I can eat the batter/dough. Browsing through bookstores. Reading. Seeing my hubby's name on the schedule. Chai tea. Lazy Sunday afternoons. The smell of vanilla. A small amount of snow at an unexpected time. The sound of trainer planes flying over my house. Sweet old ladies. Enjoying my thoughts with a cup of coffee. Exploring a new place. Counting my blessings.

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