May 2, 2011

Link Up: National Day of Prayer...

The National Day of Prayer is this Thursday, May 5, 2011.  This day is intended "to mobilize prayer in America and to encourage personal repentance and righteousness in the culture" (citation). 

People throughout our country will join forces to pray for the 7 centers of influence in the United States: government, military, media, business, education, church, and family.

I will be praying for these specific things for our country:
  1. Government: I pray that our leaders will have a humble and submissive spirit to God's will and vision for our country.  I pray for godly wisdom and courage to do what God calls our leaders to do. 
  2. Military: I pray for the safety of our military men and women.  I pray that God will protect them from those that wish to harm them on the at home and away.  I pray for their minds and emotions, that God would protect them from destructive thoughts and feelings and would uplift each and every one of them.  I pray that there would be a great revival of faith throughout the military community. 
  3. Media: I pray that the media would place truth as their utmost importance.  I pray for peace for the warring ideals of what the media is/has become/should be. 
  4. Business: Not sure what to pray for.
  5. Education: Not sure what to pray for.
  6. Church: I pray that our country's churches will be submissive to God's desire for churches and that they will seek God's direction and use discernment when preaching God's word.
  7. Family: I pray that God will protect our families from the issues in our culture which seek to destroy families.  I pray that parents will provide a stable, loving home for their children.  I pray that God will protect the innocent children from negative life situations.  I pray that God will convict parents of their actions and that parents will strive to provide a godly home for their children.
Please link up and offer your prayers for our great country.  Then I encourage you to see what others are praying for and then proceed as you feel led. 


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  1. I think a national day of prayer is a great concept. I hope all religions will participate.

    Dusty Rose


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