May 10, 2011

Pink frilly skirt...

I *heart* this outfit so much!  My pink, frilly, how-the-heck-do-I-wear-this skirt has earned its keep in my closet!  I simply paired it with a white tee, blue boyfriend cardigan, and gladiator belt for a trip to the commissary, meeting with a friend, and hosting a women's Bible study.  Maybe my fashion creativity is emerging again after being stifled by exhaustion.  Maybe.   



  1. OOooh! It is really cute! In the pic it looks white...must be a really light pink.
    I miss the BX and the commisary!

  2. The pink frilly skirt is really cute and the whole outfit is put together nicely!
    I found you on the No Model Lady link up.

  3. I have a skirt almost just like that, that I've been racking my brain trying to decide how to wear it (other than on the lower half of my body, I got that part down!), thanks for the idea! You look cute cute cute!

  4. After this encouragement, I think I will play around with this skirt some more now! :)

  5. Darlin', you are beautiful no matter what you put on! But the outfit is very cute!

  6. Hi from SITS! Adorable idea!!

  7. Very cute skirt.

    Thanks for visiting on my SITS day. Come back any time. You're always welcome at my place.

  8. Visiting from FTLOB. Looks like a great outfit to me!


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