May 17, 2011


I usually love the sound of jet noise. 

I love hearing it in the morning as the first flights of the day are taking off.

I love hearing it when I'm outside running.  It gives me that extra bit of motivation to work harder.

I love hearing it when the we're on family walks, finding where the noise is coming from, and having Hubby explain what they are probably doing. 

I love hearing it when I'm driving around base with my sunroof open on a beautiful day.  It can be quite pleasant.

I do not love hearing jet noise when I am trying to put Baby down for his nap.  The thunderous sound riles him up and leaves me shushing...yes shushing...the jets.

C'est la (military) vie!



  1. I have given you an award! Happy Tuesday! =)

  2. I grew up near an air force base, so I understand!


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