May 6, 2011

Top 5 in Honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Day...

Top 5 things I love about being a military wife...
  1. The sense of pride and purpose I feel for my family, knowing that our personal sacrifices are for something far greater than ourselves!
  2. Getting to move around the country!
  3. Meeting fantastic people that I otherwise would never have met!
  4. The closeness my immediate family experiences because of the isolation from our extended family!
  5. Seeing my Hubby in uniform! ;)
Top 5 things I love about other military wives...
  1. When they offer to help you before you have the chance to feel awkward about asking for help!
  2. Their willingness to become part of each other's families!
  3. Having others around you who can say, "I know, right?!" 
  4. The independence and strength that emerges, especially in their husbands' absences! 
  5. How easy-going, friendly, and welcoming they are!


  1. Great post :) Hope you know how much you are appreciated!! You are such a good friend, wonderful mom and fabulous Mil Spouse!!!

  2. One of my closest friends is one I met while in the military 8 years ago. She's in Texas now, and I'm in Cali, but we're still in touch. There are a lot of hard times, but also a lot of plusses, to military life.

  3. Following you as the co-host to our monday military blog hop! Welcome! I look forward to blogging with you... and know April feels the same!
    (Mama of the Littles)

  4. Happy Spouse Day on Friday!!! I'm your newest fan from Military Monday!

  5. I love this post. I enjoy reading all the good parts of the military life style.

    I'm a new follower from monday military blog hop!


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