April 26, 2011

Month of the Military Child...

April has been designated the "Month of the Military Child."  (Click here for more information.) 

I have spent all month thinking about how military children should be honored and celebrated throughout the year.  Besides the obvious, I have been mostly at a loss.  How do you support children who, while facing similar battles, are simultaneously fighting very individual battles?  In their world of inconsistency and uncertainty, what can I really do for military children to help them through a sometimes very difficult life? 

And then it came to me.  More than being sensitive to the life experiences of military children, more than hugs and words of encouragement, military children need prayer.

For what should I specifically pray for military children?  This is the question that I've been struggling with all month.  The only thing that was strongly put on my heart was to pray for a loving home for military children.  A loving home can heal the hurts that the military places on our innocent children (who didn't "know what they were signing up for").  The stability that a loving home provides can allow military children to flourish when their families are separated or when their lives are uprooted by a PCS. 

Nothing dramatic.  Nothing profound.  Just a simple prayer to the God of Love to bless our military children with the loving homes that they deserve. 



  1. What a sweet post! I've been reading for awhile now, and am always encouraged and uplifted. This a great reminder to pray for the littlest ones and their life at home.

  2. Thank you, Katy! This message was an encouragement to me! :)

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    Dusty Rose
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  4. That's a sweet simple prayer ... for all kids! Thanks for sharing your heart.

    Visiting from SITS :)


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