April 6, 2011

Blue light special...

K-Mart is literally the only store in our town that sells women's clothes (except for our small Exchange).  When military life gives you places like K-Mart to shop, I make the best of it!  Just to get out of the house, Baby and I recently ventured over there for the first time ever.  In addition to lots of great picture frames and flower pots, I found this adorable shirt that I'm so excited to style throughout the spring and summer!

Me (After shopping at K-Mart for the first time ever.): K-Mart is awesome!

Hubby: Do you know what you're saying? (He knows me too well!)



  1. Love that shirt! Anything with stripes...yes. :0) I know how you must feel about the K-Mart thing...It's like that where I live as well, except all we have here where I live is a Wal Mart. I think I'd rather have the K-Mart...At least there you have the Martha line!

  2. That is a wicked cute shirt-I would have never though K Mart!

    I'm with Jamie up above, everyone talks about shopping at Walmart for clothes. I just can't do it though...Target is good for me though! And then after that I'm in love with Ann Taylor Loft.

  3. The discount stores sometimes have wonderful finds...perfect if you have a budget and creativity! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I would wager that half my wardrobe is from Target! You work with what you have and it looks like you're working it just fine:)


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