December 1, 2011

What to wear to a military Christmas party...

Military Christmas Party

Military Christmas Party by semperwifey featuring black evening dresses

#1 is a bit more trendy.
#2 is a bit more formal.
#3 is a bit more casual.

Which is your favorite in this set?  Or what would you pick to wear?

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  1. #3 outfit is super cute. I wish we had formal parties in our unit so I could wear that!!

  2. #2 is very much my style. If only we had Christmas parties here that called for that level of dressing up... Sigh.

    1. My daughter's military ball dress for her high school is similar to this.

  3. #3 it's sassy and fancy all rolled into one. And you just KNOW that everyone else will be wearing red or black :o)

  4. I love all of these. I would be more apt to wearing #3 but my military Christmas thing is bowling and I don't know what to wear!! ahh!

  5. Just had a conversation with my husband about what to wear to his squadron's Christmas party. His answer was "nice jeans and a Christmas sweater." I think I'll ask someone else :)

  6. Thanks for your input, ladies! I could see myself wearing any of these and feeling very pretty, but I think #1 is more in line with my style lately (though it's always evolving!).

    Rosemary and Leah...wear it anyway!!! :)

    Ashley...bowling sounds like a blast! You could totally pull off a coctail dress with some stylish bowling shoes!

    Naked Mother...L.O.L.

  7. 3# love it!! I wore one similar to 2# last year. :)

  8. Replies
    1. It is like my daughter's military ball dress for her junior year(this school year).

    2. I'm sure she looked beautiful in it! :)

  9. Oh, these are all so beautiful! I have to pick just one? :p My initial thought was to go with the third dress, but I'm so pale. I actually think the blue would be a nice color. You know, for this hypothetical military Christmas party I might perhaps one day attend :)


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