December 8, 2011

The best non-material gift...EVER...

I'll cut to the chase.  The best non-material gift I ever received was/is the love of my husband.  Before you let out a groan of disappointment at this predictable answer, read on.  It's sweet (and more).  I promise.

Just a few months after Hubby and I started dating in college, his family (whom I had never met and lived far, far away) invited me to their home for Christmas.  I eagerly accepted, not knowing at the time that this was deemed "weird" and "forward" by my friends.  They were soooo wrong! ;)

While there, Hubby told me that he loved me.  Wow.  Other than some crazy guy I dated right before college (who doesn't count), no one had ever told me this before.  I certainly hadn't said it to anyone.  I only wanted to say it to one person and only when I knew for sure that he would be the only person I would ever say it to. 

Cue the awkward pause of young love.  He happened to say it for the first time in an elevator.  And I'm pretty sure I just smiled at him and didn't say anything.  And then the elevator dinged to let us out at our floor.  And then the moment was over.  But that didn't deter him.  Once he said it the first time, the words just kept coming the whole time we were together. 

It wasn't until I was on the plane flying home by myself and listening to cheesy love songs that I knew beyond any doubt that Hubby was THE one.  I called him as soon as I landed and told him the same words he had told me: "I love you." 

Hubby's love is an incredible example of selflessness, courage, strength, humility, patience, encouragement, and any other good attribute you can possibly think of. 

So if you still think that my idea of the best non-material gift ever is totally cliche and cheesy, I'll close with these parting (and sincere) thoughts: He completes me.  He makes me want to be a better person.  I love him more than life itself.  He is the wind beneath my wings.  Annnd he makes me want to listen to Marvin Gaye.  (Yes, I said it!) ;)


  1. Awww, that is sweet, not cheesy at all :)!

  2. You know why I don't think it's cheesy at all? Because you never said it to anyone other than your husband. You understood something that many others don't: Sincerity. That, my friend, is not cheesy at ALL. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. :)

  3. I don't think it's cheesy at all and is in fact, very sweet! :D

    We live in a world where people put too much emphasis on love and measure it through materialism. It's nice to see that genuine love still exists :)

  4. Aww...I'm glad to know this didn't come across as too cheesy! I thought the last paragraph would send it over the top! ;)

  5. Oh my gosh, this post is so CUTE! I love it!!!!!! What a great story!


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