December 9, 2011

Top 5 ways you know you're a military wife at Christmas...

  1. You treasure every moment of Christmastime because Hubby might not be home next year. 
  2. Your whole house is decorated in red and gold, not because it's traditional, but because those are the colors of the Marine Corps. 
  3. You try to put a toy in each Toys for Tots box around town to help the Marine standing there from getting bored (and to help the kids, of course!). 
  4. You feel an insatiable desire to send care packages to every young Marine, sailor, soldier, and airman that is away from his mama. 
  5. Your heart aches for friends whose families are not together due to deployments, training, etc.


  1. :) Love it!! although I can't say I've decorated in black and Gold maybe an Army tree next year?!

  2. SO completely agree, wish someone would help me buy care packages for everyone

  3. haha, me too! Made soo many care packages :)

  4. Toys to tots is my favorite charity next to the Salvation Army! And my heart aches because he is deployed :-/ maybe next year we'll get our red and gold house!

  5. We didn't do Toys for Tots or Angel Tree this year and I feel so out of whack.

    Great list!

  6. So true!! :) Following you now--thanks for joining in my giveaway, my bestie is a MC Wife :D

  7. Y'all know what I'm talking about! :)


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