September 11, 2012

Top 5 ways to deal with difficult people...

Sometimes the military forces us to be around people we might find difficult for whatever reason.  (If you don't have a few people in mind right now, you must be a saint and should share your secrets with all of us!)

I'll readily admit that I have encountered my fair share of difficult people while tagging along with the Marine Corps.  I think I've handled some with grace.  Others, I might have disgraced myself while interacting with them.  I consider each difficult person and interaction a life lesson and an experience to evaluate as I try to better myself.  In dealing with the difficult person, what worked?  What can I do differently next time?  How am I presenting myself to this person, and, in turn, the world?

In evaluating how I have handled difficult people, I have learned five key points:
  1. Be patient.  With the person.  With the situation.  Just.  Be.  Patient.
  2. Sometimes people are only difficult to me because our personalities and/or values are very different.  I have to remember that if I consider her to be a difficult person, I am probably a difficult person for her.
  3. Don't let her get to you.  If we're talking about the blatantly mean type of difficult person, realize that that might just be who she is.  Shrug it off.
  4. Surround yourself by un-difficult people.  Prevention is key! 
  5. When all else fails, walk away. It's so much better to ignore or physically walk away from a difficult person.    


  1. Thanks for the easy to remember tips! I always try to remember that few people are actually trying to be hurtful and malicious, so that helps me in responding to them.

    1. That is so true! Sometimes people's personality differences can be misinterpreted for meanness. Must remember these tips always!

  2. too funny that you wrote about this and I saw it today.
    I'm dealing with a difficult person or two right now!
    I wanted to come over and say thank you for the happy homecoming wishes!!
    (I don't think your email is connected to your account bc I couldn't directly reply!)
    Thanks for the love girl~

  3. Aww, I hope this can help you to remember to keep your cook with those people!


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