September 5, 2012

PCS blues...

When I started my first professional job after college, I was unexpectedly uncomfortable.  Before graduating, I had fantasies of taking my new workplace by storm by being so on top of things, so creative, and so hard-working that they wouldn't know what to do! 

The reality was that I was shy, awkward, and unsure of myself or my job.  I wasn't quite sure where I fit into the company, how exactly I was supposed to do my job, or know the little quirks of the company.

After about six months on the job, I suddenly had a new found vigor for work.  Time and experience allowed me to figure out exactly how my job fit in with the company and gave me the confidence in myself and my job to be creative and take the initiative on projects.  It was only after six months of feeling blue that I finally took my work by storm and fulfilled my pre-college graduation fantasy! 

I wish I would have taken that life lesson with me into the military lifestyle from the beginning.  Looking back, I can see that each duty station has required a six month (ish) adjustment period.  After each move, I inevitably had the PCS blues--saying goodbye to the familiar, feeling overwhelmed by moving into a new house in a new city, trying to meet new friends, figuring out the "quirks" of Hubby's command, and just trying to figure out where I fit in to a new group of military wives. 

But, like clockwork, the six month mourning/whining/uncomfortable stage has always ended, and I have found myself feeling confident, relaxed, content, and joyful about our "new" duty station.  Next time we PCS, I should remember to allow for those six months to shake the PCS blues.  And remember that the best times are just on the other side!


  1. Amen to this post, I need to remind myself of this lesson often

  2. I agree it takes about six months to learn the ropes and about a year to make DECENT friends and know who to stay away from, at least in my experience.

    Hubby and I were thinking that PCS time is especially weird because in January, we'll be HALFWAY through this duty station and it has both positives and negatives like anything.


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