July 13, 2011

Marine green...

I love the military fashion trend (is it a trend if it's the same every year?), but I think I might look ridiculous if I wore a faux medal-studded military jacket or any kind of camo.  So, my alternative to obviously participating in the military "trend" is to wear the color of the beloved Marine Corps' silkies...Marine green/olive drab green/o.d. green/or, if you must, "army" green.   

This pleated linen skirt is my latest find.  I wore it with a cream organza blouse, patent nude heels (*squeal with delight), and antique-inspired pearl and rhinestone necklace.  Oh, and my ferocious "military" dog as an accessory to complete the ensemble.


  1. I randomly stumbled across your blog and have been hooked on it! My husband and I are BOTH active duty Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton. It's so nice to read something we can ALL relate to. I also have a blog! Please follow me http://romerfamilyof3.blogspot.com . It's more a personal blog on daily happenings in our family as a dual active duty couple raising our daughter :-)

  2. Where's your lovely face?!? Regardless, this is such a cute outfit!

  3. Your pup looks thrillllllled. hehe.
    I love those shoes and the necklace! Olive green doesn't have to be drab!


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