July 19, 2011

Hero on My Wrist Review...

I was recently contacted to do a review of a great product for military supporters. Hero on My Wrist "specializes in custom jewelry pieces that support the military family" (http://heroonmywrist.com/) and can be used "to raise awareness for a loved one or for a family who has lost their hero and would like to commemorate their loss" (Sabrina Brown).

I received a package full of beautifully coordinated information on the company, a Support on My Wrist bracelet, and a kit for Hero on my Hand from the business's owner and designer, Sabrina Brown. I was a little unsure when I first saw a sheet of directions for how to wear the bracelet and how to make the ring (I am not so great at following written directions and almost always defer to Hubby when directions are required). But my fears were in vain! The directions and pictures were so easy to follow...even for me!

The end products (after the directions) are simply adorable--and patriotic! Hero on My Wrist jewelry is a great way to promote awareness for your military loved ones or just to show support for our fantastic military. They also happen to be the perfect accessory for Red Friday and for the recurring nautical fashion trend! ;) 

I hope that you will support a fellow military wife's business that seeks to honor our troops! 

The Hero on My Hand kit turns into this!  It made me feel crafty! ;)

Hero on My Wrist bracelet! 

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