March 11, 2011

What to wear to a change of command ceremony...

I love to get dressed up for military events, so I thought I'd help give y'all some ideas on how to dress for the events we attend while associated with the military. 

This one is for a change of command ceremony.  This should be something "churchy."  Keep it conservative (it's probably not about you right now), but still fun and fresh!  This outfit idea features a button front shirt, frilly navy skirt, layered pearl necklace, nude peep toe Mary Janes (!!!), and, since this is a Navy base, a straw clutch that looks like a fish net (I like tongue in cheek fashion!). 

I would love to hear about your ideas for this type of event!



  1. I have no ideas for you, and I like the outfit you picked out. I came to this post to see what other people thought because I haven't had the privilege to go to any fancy military events. A lot of hospital appointments, though! lol

  2. Yikes! I hope that everything is ok!

  3. i do like the outfit...very chic

  4. Cute outfit! I'm going to my second change of Command on Sunday, I was just browsing the internet for cute outfits. Last year I was prego, so I opted for a long maxi dress with a cute short casual blazer. Thanks for following my blog as well! I just joined yours.

  5. It feels so nice to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject. Really thankful to you for starting this. The dress is really nice.



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