March 24, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

Pretending to be British while I drink tea and eat scones during Baby's afternoon nap. I may or may not talk with a British accent during tea time.



  1. Awwhh I love having tea. I'm a bit of an anglophile actually. My parents sent me to spend a summer in England when I was 16, and it was wonderful! In the future I hope to find a few ladies to join me regularly for afternoon tea! It's a great habit I think :-)

  2. Aww...what cute scones! :) Hmmm, it looks like such fun, maybe I'll have to start having afternoon tea :)

  3. I'm a new follower from the Military Monday blog hop! I'm also a Marine wife stop by my page sometime.

  4. Yes, everyone should have tea time!

    Welcome, Amanda! :)

  5. How did you get to be so adorable? Love it!!!!!!


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