December 1, 2013

The (Tough Love) Military Wife Survival Guide {Review}...

The (Tough Love) Military Wife Survival Guide is a book written by a well-meaning military wife, S. M. Westerlie.  This book offers practical advice for the brand new military wife including common acronyms, PCS tips, and marriage and friendship advice.

I read the book in about an hour, and most of the information given was "duh" for me since we've been doing the military thing for a while.

While The (Tough Love) Military Wife Survival Guide doesn't bring anything new to the military wife dialogue or book circuit, Westerlie clearly has a passion for military wives and wanting to see them succeed.  I appreciate and respect that.  She tells the reader what to expect in the military lifestyle in terms of deployment, other wives, and base housing.

This book is perfect for a brand new military wife or fianc√©.  It sums up the basics of the military lifestyle in 80 easy-to-read pages.

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