December 16, 2013

The Albums {Review}...

The Albums is a new photo sharing site with a goal of housing lasting memories in a user friendly and beautiful online setting.  Founders Andrew and Sarah sought to capture the essence of flipping through old family photo albums at a relative's house, drinking a cup of coffee, and reminiscing about each memory in the album.  

"What we wanted was a place built just for families that could capture the feeling of looking through those old photo albums," explained Andrew and Sarah. "Not necessarily as a storage site for every single one of the pictures we take, but as a place to keep and remember our favorite moments and to share them with our best friends and our families at home."

I recently had the opportunity to try out The Albums.  The simplicity of it's conception, design, and ease of use is remarkable.  You can see my album here

I totally get the old photo album/coffee/reminiscing vibe that Andrew and Sarah were going for when they created The Albums.  This will definitely be a lasting picture legacy for your family.  And for us military families, one less physical photo album to pack up and move every PCS. :)

Start your free trial here!

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