July 31, 2013

Not-so-fancy pants {Semper Stylish}

I have been living in my cut-offs this summer.  My not-so-fancy pants pair perfectly with every.single.top in my closet. My favorite combination has been a fancy top with my not-so-fancy pants.  I love the chic contrast of it!  And it's the perfect outfit combination for looking put-together but not overly stuffy while running around town.

Lace top, cut-offs, lots of bracelets!  And Big Puppy.  She's a necessary accessory.

Sequin tank, cut-offs, aviators (I have to give a little nod to the military since I'm not wearing a "Get Some" t-shirt or anything green.)!

Aviators and roots...what's more chic (cheap?) than that? ;)

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  1. Roots are in right now! rock it! I'll be adding your button to my sidebar!

    1. Haha! I did not know that about roots. Glad I'm more fashionable than I thought! ;)


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