November 9, 2011

Marine Birthday Bash, Day 3...

Welcome to the Marine Birthday Bash! 

Semper Wifey

Day 2's winner is Dandelions and Daffodils!  I will contact all winners at the end of the week.

This is a week long celebration in honor of the Marine Corps' 236th birthday.  I invite you to link up your relevant blog post each day for a chance to win some great prizes, get blog exposure, and have fun!!!  You do not have to be affiliated with the Marines or military to participate.  Everyone is welcome to link up!

For Day 3, share your happy birthday message to the USMC!
Just link up your post, old or new. Your link up enters you for a chance to win a nametape bracelet from Little Moncai Designs! Remember, to be eligible to win, you must have a Marine Birthday Bash button (you can find them on my sidebar) in your post or on your sidebar.  And don't forget to visit the other blogs that link up and give them some love, too!

Oooo-rah! ;)

Here's my post for the day...Birthday Haikus!

I love the Marines.
Even for being this old,
they still look darn good.

Celebrate good times!
Happy birthday, Devil Dogs!
Semper Fi, yut yut!

They're still going strong--
Two hundred thirty six years
of pure awesomeness.

The Marines were formed
over beer at Tun Tavern.
Some things never change.

Happy birthday, Marines!!!


  1. Happy birthday, Marine Corps! Thanks for inspiring my husband to become one of the few and the proud. :)

  2. aww love this idea!! happy birthday!

  3. Happy birthday, Marines! Thanks for linking up today! :)


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