September 24, 2009

We're on Plan E...

Contingency plans are a normal part of life for the military family. Hubby and I have contingencies for everything, including weekend fun. This was the evolution of our latest contingency plan.

Plan A: Hubby to take "cross-country" flight to City 1. I will drive to join him in City 1 for fun weekend with family and friends.

Plan B: Plan A cancelled. Hubby searches for another cross-country opportunity, but can't find one since notice is too short. Notice is short only because Plan A was cancelled. No cross-country flights.

Plan C: Local flights an option, but might or might not happen. If no flights, Hubby and I will travel (by car) to original City 1 for fun weekend with family and friends.

Plan D: If local flights do happen, Hubby and I will both stay in town for weekend together (mixed with a few flights).

Plan E: Cross-country flight opportunity available to City 2. Hubby to go to City 2. I will drive to City 1 for weekend with family and friends.

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