September 22, 2009

Welcome, Autumn!

For my annual "ode to fall" and in honor of my favorite season, I thought I'd make a list of my top ten favorites about fall (in South Texas).

  1. That first taste of candy corn.
  2. Hearing the leaves blow by on the sidewalk.
  3. Pumpkin-spice scented or flavored anything.
  4. Thinking that 90 degrees is a cool front.
  5. Seeing pumpkins and gords at the grocery store.
  6. Finally having an end to the infamous "South Texas Summer."
  7. College football.
  8. Still seeing blooms on my hibiscus bush.
  9. Wearing long-sleeves without AS many strange looks.
  10. Dreaming about what to dress the dogs as for Halloween if Hubby allowed that sort of thing.

Happy fall, y'all! :)


  1. I saw candy corn at the grocery store last week and I couldn't resist. I have been nibbling on them all week. Yum! I agree, I love fall and when it starts to cool down. Hope all your contingenccy plans worked out!

  2. Candy corn!!! Mmmm... We've gone through more bags than I care to mention! ;)


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