October 22, 2012

Marine Corps Tutu...

Remember my "ball gown" from last year? ;)  Here's a little more about it...

Last year, I decided to try my hand at tutu-making.  Tutu shops are a dime a dozen online, which translates to me as, "if everyone else can do it, so can I!"  And I was right.  Super easy.  Super cute.  And only about $15 to make.

I started by cutting many, many strips of tulle.  I used about eight yards of blue and two yards of red.

Then I used fabric glue to "stitch" a piece of elastic together to use as the waistband.  I don't sew. 

After that, I looped all of those many, many strips of tulle all the way around the elastic.

Easy, mindless knotting turned into this stunner!  Ta-da!


  1. Might come in handy for an Avengers Halloween theme. :)

  2. Wonder Woman constume idea? And girl...you have some killer legs!

  3. I was going for dress blues, but it could also be used for Wonder Woman! And oh thank you for the complement! It was a year ago though...


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