October 26, 2010

Birthday Ball...

It's almost time to celebrate the most sacred day to all Marines---their birthday.  With just a few weeks until the big day, I have begun obsessing about what to wear to the birthday ball.  Unfortunately, I'm running into the same problem that I do every year.

The Culprit: dress blue pants, winter version.  OK, ladies.  Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE the Marine Corps dress blues on Hubby...from the top up (unless it's summer, then the white pants and top are enough to make me weak in the knees).  I know there's all kinds of history associated with these blue pants, but they just aren't my favorite.  And they are nearly impossible to coordinate with a fabulous dress for the Birthday Ball.    

In my humble fashion opinion, for picture-worthy coordination, you can really only wear red, white, or black, which leaves fewer options than I'd like.

So in the spirit of playing Cinderella, for my dream ensemble, if money and a shopping black hole around our duty station weren't obstacles, this is something I would love to wear.  

This is my "just for fun" creation! 

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