January 3, 2011

More of the same...

As the excitement of a new year and new resolutions float around, I can't help but look back on the previous year in a different way.  Last year, instead of resolutions, I prayed that I could be a better person, in whatever form that embodied.        

It took many forms.  I started several projects that I wanted to quit before finishing because I was too lazy or too afraid to finish.  But with Hubby as my cheerleader, I persevered through these projects and am thankful for finishing.  I had a falling out with some that were very close to me, but through prayer, support from Hubby, and a forgiving and repentant spirit, I am on the path to healing and restoration with these loved ones.  My patience has grown leaps and bounds thanks to the various circumstances that military has handed to us regarding scheduling and timing.  God blessed us with a beautiful baby, and in doing so, allowed me to experience His grace in an entirely new way.  Baby also allowed Hubby and me to bond and deepen our marriage in unexpected ways, and to share in a new kind of love for each other.  I tried to grow new friendships and strengthen old ones.  Hubby, the eternal optimist, constantly challenged me to see many tough circumstances in a positive light.

While I am proud of the changes I made, I am nowhere near finished improving. Are we ever finished? No. This only means that there will always be something greater to work towards. And that, in itself, is encouraging.

With the closing of one year and the dawning of another, my desire is not for a fresh start or to drastically change something in my life.  Instead, I desire more of the same from  last year--more love, more family, more optimism, and more knowing God's goodness.

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